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VIDEO: Alleged shoplifter in Mercedes caught on tape

VICTORVILLE, Calif. - A man caught an alleged Northern California shoplifter on video returning stolen items to authorities out of her Mercedes SUV, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Michael Solis told the station he initially pulled out his cell phone to record the Victorville incident on Sunday, Aug. 31, because he was afraid the officers were going to hurt the woman.

"I just leaned forward and started recording," Solis said.

But as CBS Los Angeles reported, it wasn't exactly men with badges behaving badly as Solis feared.

"It was a funny story after a second," Solis told the station.

Video recorded by Solis shows the suspected shoplifter pulling out piles of household goods from the back of the Mercedes and handing them over, rather reluctantly, to authorities. The goods were allegedly taken from the Walgreens across the street.

"She was just haggling them and not wanting to give the stuff to them. Arguing to the fullest," Solis told the station.

When it looked like the woman was done pulling out stolen stuff from her vehicle, deputies reportedly told her to keep it coming, and their hands filled up quickly.

On Facebook, people compared her car to a Mary Poppins' bag; the goods just kept pouring out, reports the station.

"I was wondering where she put all this stuff. She had a little small purse," said Solis.

But the unidentified woman also had a decent-sized Mercedes-Benz SUV. She left in the pricey vehicle, but not before getting a ticket and a tongue-lashing from officers, according to the station.

Authorities told CBS Los Angeles the incident is under investigation and the woman could still face charges.

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