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Victims Buried, Town Mourns

A Wisconsin minister Wednesday told friends and family of Colorado school shooting victim John Tomlin that the teenager is in the presence of God, and has never been more alive.

Mourners filled a Methodist church in Waterford, Wisconsin, to say goodbye to the 16-year-old. He was a Wisconsin native, remembered as a shy boy who loved his Chevy truck, the Green Bay Packers and Christianity.

Tomlin had moved to Littleton about four years ago, but visited Wisconsin each year. Flowers, including some from Governor Tommy Thompson and the Green Bay Packers surrounded his green-and-gold casket.

The boy's grandmother, Elizabeth, silently prayed with her hands on the coffin. She called Tomlin "a kid that every parent and grandparent wishes they had."

Back in Littleton, meanwhile, about 1,000 people gathered for a funeral service for 14-year-old Steven Curnow.

Friends and relatives remembered Curnow as a tall, athletic teen who dominated soccer games-and dreamed of being a Navy top gun.

Wednesday marked the fifth straight day of funerals in the wake of the Columbine High School massacre.

The town observed a moment of silence Tuesday at 11:21 a.m. MT - the exact time the slaughter began one week before.

For the first time since last week's deadly violence, Columbine High students will be back in class on Monday. But they'll be at a different school-Chatfield High, a few miles away.

They're going to be attending school there in afternoon sessions until the end of the school year.

Originally, plans called for classes to resume on Thursday of this week. But a school administrator says so many students and teachers have been attending funerals, the plans were changed.

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