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Vicki Kennedy: Obama's Iowa Speech Won Ted Kennedy Over

In a conversation with CBS News' Katie Couric, Vicki Kennedy, the widow of former Sen. Ted Kennedy, described how Kennedy came to back Barack Obama in last year's presidential campaign.

"He was waiting for a candidate who would inspire him," she said. "And he had a lot of – we had a lot of – good friends in the race. And we're just kind of sitting it out. And then Iowa happened."

"He and I were both watching the speeches, and Barack Obama's speech…was just extraordinary," she continued. "And we thought, 'wow.'"

Vicki Kennedy said that was the time at which Ted Kennedy started listening to Caroline Kennedy and other members of their family.

There was "just this real groundswell of people who felt inspired," she said. "I think he felt inspired. It was really that. It was all about feeling inspired. And thinking this was the moment, and he was just an extraordinary candidate at the right time."

Watch that portion of the @katiecouric interview above. You can watch the entire conversation with Vicki Kennedy and Ted Kennedy, Jr., the former senator's son, here. And check out other clips below.

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