Vicarious dance party lets you start the weekend early

(CBS News) I know we're still a full day away from the weekend, but it can't come fast enough for your blogger here. And in case you're feeling the same way, let's get things started a little early with a vicarious dance party in the form of this video above. I hope you all wore the right shoes.

I don't know about you, but from the moment the clip kicked off, my feet started tapping and head started bobbing. I actually would have joined in on the dancing, but... well, I'm in a news room full of other people and think I might get some strange looks (at the very least). 

 The upbeat and fun dance routine features 20-year-old dancer Josy Carver (aka Josy Cupcake) doing the ""Melbourne shuffle" to Parov Stelar's song "Ragtime Cat (featuring Lilja Bloom)". This is now our second great dance post in two days (along with the must-see sign flipper dancing yesterday), so to keep the momentum going I'm also going to include Josy's latest video below. And if you'd like to learn more about Josy Carver, be sure to visit her Facebook page by clicking here.