"Veep" star Reid Scott meets the real "CBS This Morning" co-hosts

Reid Scott on hit series "Veep"

On the real set of "CBS This Morning," "Veep" actor Reid Scott explained how his character, former political aide Dan Egan, became a fictitious "CBS This Morning" host by mistake.

"It was a joke from last season where Dan, my character, sleeps with Amy's sister because when she tells them that she works at CVS, the pharmacy, he thinks she's saying CBS," Scott said. He asks if she could get him a job there, and the rest is TV history.

Scott's character calls on his political contacts from his time as an aide for President Selina Meyer, played by Julia-Louis Dreyfus, to build his reputation on TV and win the approval of his prickly co-host, played by Margaret Colin.

The show finds humor in Washington that transcends party lines. "The people that we've met, whenever we meet a Republican, they say, 'Oh, it's so refreshing to see a show go after those Democrats.' When I meet a Democrats, they'll say, 'Keep sticking it to the Republicans,'" Scott said. 

With "Veep" now in its sixth season, Scott recounted the backhanded compliment that helped him nab the role of Dan Egan.

"My friend Jen Euston, who's a casting director here in New York, she was handling the show and she called me up seven years ago now, and she said, 'Look, I've got this great part. It's opposite Julia Louis-Dreyfus. But it's tricky because he's a jerk but he needs to be likeable. And Reid, you're the most likeable jerk I know,'" Scott said.