Vanessa Redgrave on showing your "true colors," theater

(CBS News) In the new movie "Unfinished Song," Vanessa Redgrave plays a cancer patient who gets involved in a local choir to cope with her diagnosis.

The Tony, Oscar and Emmy winner said on "CBS This Morning," her character -- like the song "True Colors" that she sings in the movie -- she thinks she has the best husband in the world. Her husband character, played by Terence Stamp, is to everyone else a seemingly cranky person, but to his wife, he's a very supportive figure.

"I think that's what attracted me the most (to the character)," Redgrave said. "Because people's true colors aren't always evident to everybody, perhaps nobody, because they don't show their true colors."

Turning to theater -- which Redgrave has said she wants to be a part of her entire life -- the actress said its enduring presence in her life is because it's the one place that everyone can come to share an experience.

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"It's not that I love theater more than film -- they're different mediums," she said. "But in the theater -- the theater's the one place where -- apart from the terrible prices of the's the one place where everyone can come and where, where you've come from doesn't matter. Your age doesn't matter. Your race doesn't matter. Your religion doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you haven't got a religion, what your politics, doesn't matter. You've come to listen and share and experience. Churches divide people, with all respect, and people make their choices, but theater, which includes, doesn't. It brings people together to listen, and there's not many chances in this world to listen and consider and take things in slowly."

"Unfinished Song" opens in New York and Los Angeles Friday and nationwide on July 5.

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