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Use LinkedIn to apply for jobs from your phone

(MoneyWatch) Applying for your next job just got a little easier thanks to a new feature at LinkedIn.

You probably already browse for positions and interact with other members of the professional networking service using your phone's LinkedIn app. That's about as far as you could go, though -- the mobile app didn't make it easy to actually apply for open positions. Now, the latest LinkedIn update lets you apply for jobs from your mobile phone.

To try it out, just browse to a job you're interested in. You can search for a position or tap on one of the jobs that the app has recommended for your based on your LinkedIn profile. Either way, you'll now see a couple of options:

Save job. If you save a job, it'll appear at the top of the search results on your phone or in the Saved Jobs pane in the browser.

Apply. The "apply" button starts the mostly automated job application process. LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to update your profile, and then send your personal details and qualifications off to the employer.

Apply on company website. Some companies don't take the automated LinkedIn data, but instead wants you to apply online via their website. For those, this link takes you to the job application page at the company's site, where you can complete the application on the phone.

Photo courtesy of LinkedIn

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