U.S. Ends Air France Black Box Search

This photo released Wednesday June 17, 2009 by the French army shows soldiers approaching a piece of debris believed to be part of Air France flight 447, during continuing searches for debris and bodies on Friday June 12, 2009 in the Atlantic Ocean.
An American colonel says two ships searching for the black boxes of Air France Flight 447 are ending their hunt.

A French nuclear submarine is continuing to look.

U.S. Air Force Col. Willie Berges is the Brazil-based commander of American military forces supporting the effort. He says one ship towing a U.S. Navy listening device stopped searching Friday.

He says the other ship towing a device will end its search within hours.

Berges says the ships had "no success."

Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off Brazil's northeastern coast June 1. All 228 people aboard died.

Investigators say without the black boxes, it may be impossible to know for certain what caused the crash.