U.S.-backed forces close in on last square mile of ISIS territory in Syria

ISIS' last stand in Syria

U.S.-backed forces were closing in Friday on the last sliver of ISIS territory in Syria. As of Friday morning, ISIS controlled only about one square mile in the eastern village of Baghouz where, as Charlie D'Agata reported, there was a real change in the atmosphere in just a few hours. There was a sense on Friday that America's allies on the ground may be close to wrapping up the final battle after days of fighting. 

ISIS militants had been firing back with everything they had left. But on the front line Thursday, there was a change; D'Agata said the soldiers seemed more at ease, sensing victory.

Apart from sporadic gunfire, all you could hear was silence.

Hundreds of ISIS fighters reportedly surrendered over the past couple days – as many as half the estimated number left in the enclave. American aid worker David Eubank told CBS News he saw dozens give themselves up to U.S. Special Forces. 

  "We saw a group of about 50 men, all fit, strong looking guys, walking with three women … they searched them all. They were all ISIS fighters that gave up," Eubank said.

Coalition officials have released a statement saying while "ISIS is on the verge of collapse and that the end of the physical caliphate is at hand," they continue to pose a threat to the security of the region.