Update: Romney Wins Majority Of Wyoming Delegates

Iowa and New Hampshire may be dominating in attention received by the candidates and, thus, the media. But Wyoming Republicans are holding a series of county convention meetings today to choose a total of 12 delegates to the national convention in Minneapolis next fall – the first delegates awarded in 2008. Final results are expected to be available later this evening but at the time of this post, three delegates have been awarded – all to Mitt Romney.

Update: As of 3:00pm eastern time, Mitt Romney has won six of the 12 Wyoming delegates. California Congressman Duncan Hunter has won one and Fred Thompson one, with four yet to be awarded. Those numbers are a correction over what was reported in this post earlier, which gave Romney seven and Hunter one. That still gives Romney a majority of the delegates.

Unlike even the Iowa caucuses, Wyoming's county conventions reflect more the choices of party leaders in the state than a popular vote. While several candidates have visited the state, mostly for fund-raising events, Wyoming has received little attention sandwiched in between the two traditional kick-off states and the state was penalized by the national party, which stripped it of half of its delegate total.