Upbeat Walmart greeter gets auto-tuned remix tribute

(CBS News) A Walmart greeter who became famous online for his upbeat attitude and a particularly fun catch-phrase has gotten an auto-tuned remix tribute treatment that is sure to have you smile today. (Try saying that three times fast.) So go ahead and click play to see Mr. Willie and fall in love for the first time or all over again. Can you guess his catch-phrase?

BAM! Way too cute! The musical homage to Mr. Willie, a Walmart greeter in Maumelle, Arkansas, was created by John D. Boswell (aka melodysheep)who has been featured here on The Feed many times previously, and impresses us once again with this uplifting and fun piece of musical work. A round of applause (or, more aptly, BAM!) goes out to both John and Mr. Willie for bringing a bit of sunshine into our lives (particularly on this overcast day here in NYC).

I'm going to include the original Mr. Willie video below for reference or those who haven't seen it before. And to check out more work by John D. Boswell (aka melodysheep)you can see our previous posts by clicking here or can go to his YouTube page by clicking here.