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2-year-old with cerebral palsy has clever Halloween costume that celebrates his disability

Toddler's Halloween costume goes viral

A 2-year-old from Canton, Ohio has gained widespread attention for his Halloween costume. Brantley Morse, who has cerebral palsy and uses a walker, will be Carl from "Up" for Halloween. He may be dressed as a cartoon curmudgeon, but Brantley's laughter is infectious.

Dressed as an old man, Brantley looked just like the animated character from the Disney and Pixar movie — and he had the film's signature balloons tied to his walker. The look was complete with Brantley's own glasses.

Brantley's parents came up with a clever Halloween costume to celebrate his disability – and now it's gone viral. Akron Children's Hospital

The toddler was born four months premature, weighing just 1 pound, 11 ounces. In addition to cerebral palsy, he had many complications including stage 3 kidney disease, a chronic lung disease and gastroparesis. 

He spent the first six months of his life in the NICU at Akron Children's Hospital, where he proved he was a fighter. Now, Brantley's parents are happy to report on his progress, a rep for the children's hospital told CBS News.

He will still face many challenges, but Brantley's facing them with a smile on his face, as the photos of his Halloween costume show. 

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