Unlikely (but adorable) BFFs: dog and hedgehog

(CBS News) Little white puppies are cute. Mini hedgehogs are (apparently) cute. And little white puppies and baby hedgehogs who become immediate best buds are doubley as cute. For your daily dose of yup, you got it, cute, check out the video above posted by dope2111 of this unlikely animal pairing becoming fast friends.

What's more surprising to me about this video is not only the two different species of animals who seem to love each other, but how cuddly this little hedgehog is. I always thought of them as hard, prickly little beasts. But this African pygmy hedgehog, named Poki-Hontas, is one adorable little pet. From getting her tummy rubbed, to taking a nap on her owner's chest, I can't get enough of little Poki. Maybe hedgehogs will be the next trendy pet, I'm sure sold after this video.