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UN Troops Fire Rubber Bullet into Crowd

Controlled chaos turned to confrontation near the airport in Port-au-Prince today, when UN peace keepers were ordered to clear the street filled with Haitian men seeking jobs.

The force was made up of Jordanian, Pakistani and Indian forces who were unable to speak Creole, English or French. They did their talking with night sticks and rubber bullets. At least one rubber bullet was seen fired into the crowd. No one was seriously injured.

Pitts tried to get answers from a man in black jumpsuit who seemed to be in charge of the UN force. "I'm busy now, it's not the time," the man replied.

Long lines of men, with their passports in hand, waited to try to get a job doing day labor. One man told CBS News national correspondent Byron Pitts that he was there to try to get a job as an interpreter. Others said, "we don't come here for violence, we came here for a job to do."

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