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Uber co-founder said to launch on-demand doctor service

Silicon Valley's next disruption may be to doctors' home visits. 

Oscar Salazar, one of Uber's co-founders, is reportedly creating a new company that will send doctors on on-demand house calls, according to Valleywag. If the patient needs more care after the home visit, the doctor will send them to the emergency room.

"It will work like Uber, but with doctors coming to you. I mean it will start out for the 1 percent, clearly," a source familiar with the matter told Valleywag.

Eventually, the startup could also roll out a low-cost version. "Someone out of school with training coming over for $50 instead of $500 bucks to evaluate and decide whether you need more attention," the source told Valleywag. "It will get tricky if someone misdiagnoses, but no more tricky than a hospital. This is why I think out of all the Uber for X co's, this is the most viable."

Apparently, 40 doctors have already signed up to take part in the New York City-based service, which is said to be named "Housecall" or "Doctor Housecall." According to Valleywag, Salazar reportedly plans to launch the startup in the near future.

This article originally appeared on CNET.

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