Typhoon reunion: Father makes extraordinary journey to find family

(CBS News) A little before 5 a.m. at the ferry terminal at Cebu in the Philippines, no one has any idea if their families on the neighboring islands survived the typhoon. Ramon Rahard has made an extraordinary journey to find his family. Like so many Filipinos, he works abroad, and so he traveled for three days from Saudi Arabia.

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"Two days I sleep maybe two hours only, thinking what happened, what is happening to my family, my relatives," said Rahard.

Sky News' Mark Stone, reporting on "CBS This Morning," traveled to Amok with Rahard to discover the fate of his wife and five children.

The drive to his family home is extremely difficult as the destruction worsens with each mile. Finally, after four hours, they reach Rahard's hometown of Tacloban city. The area is devastated.

Five days after the storm, the stench of the bodies that still lie wrapped up on the side of the streets is overwhelming. As they fight through the city, Rahard spots a friend and discovers that his family is alive.

However, he is still a few miles away, through the broken city, before he can be certain. Then, on foot, as night falls, he spots his house and notices that there's "no more roof," but he also sees his youngest son.

Then, one by one, Rahard greets his three sons and then, in the shell that was once his house, his two daughters and his wife. The family was unscathed and reunited against all odds.