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Two New Shootings In Ohio Spree

Two more shootings have occurred in the Columbus area since a woman was killed on the way to a doctor's appointment last month, bringing the number of cases under investigation to 14, authorities said Friday.

One of the latest shootings was at a car on Sunday on Interstate 270, Franklin County sheriff's Chief Deputy Steve Martin said. The woman noticed the bullet hole when she arrived home and reported it Tuesday.

The other shooting happened Sunday or Monday at a house about a quarter-mile from the highway, Martin said. The homeowner found a bullet hole in front of her house and recovered a bullet from living room floor, Martin said.

No one was injured in the shootings.

Police believe the shootings are the first since Gail Knisley was killed while riding in a car on I-270 on Nov. 25. The Knisley slaying and the string of other shootings have raised fears that a sniper may be stalking the area.

Martin said the nature of the shootings indicates that the shooter is willing to be exposed to being seen by the public.

"Investigators now know the person or persons has consciously decided to continue with the same activity which unfortunately resulted in the death of Mrs. Knisley," Martin said.

The bullet from the house came from the same gun as four other shootings that have been definitely linked by ballistics tests, including one at a school, Martin said. Although the tests could not link the rest of the shootings, investigators believe they all are connected.

The addition of the house shooting expands the investigation area east by two miles, with the police now examining a seven-mile section of the freeway.

In one of the shootings, an Akron couple reported that one of several juveniles on an overpass had a gun and shot a hole through a horse trailer they were towing, a State Highway Patrol report said.

Martin said investigators have not discounted the report, but there was no indication that juveniles were responsible for any of the other shootings.

A bullet from the trailer did not come from the same gun as the five connected shootings, but the report is included with the 14 because it came from the area police are investigating, Martin said.

The shootings have taken place near an interchange of two highways that see 77,000 vehicles a day on average. Knisley was the only person hit.

A trucking association has asked drivers to report anything out of the ordinary to law enforcement as authorities try to solve the shootings. The American Trucking Associations sent the alert this week to drivers, who can use a toll-free number that links them with law enforcement.

Authorities say they have gotten more than 885 tips from the public on the shootings.

In the Washington-area sniper shootings last year, a truck driver was credited along with another man with tipping police to the suspects' location.

"He saw an alert to truck drivers on the news. We have about 30,000 members who can act as eyes and ears on the road," said truckers association spokesman John Willard.

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