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2 dead after shootout at prayer vigil in Detroit

DETROIT - Police say two people are dead and several others wounded following a shooting at a prayer vigil and a subsequent vehicle crash on Detroit's west side.

Authorities at the scene told reporters the shooting took place around 2 a.m. Friday following a vigil Thursday night, according to CBS Detroit. Eight people were shot, including one who died. Residents said the vigil was for a recent victim of violence in the neighborhood.

The station reports that a vehicle drove by as the vigil was wrapping up, and a gunman opened fire on a group of people standing outside a home.

Officers arrived on the scene as the vehicle was speeding away. CBS Detroit reports police pursued the vehicle for about two miles before it crashed into a fire hydrant and the front porch of a home. A woman in the vehicle was ejected and declared dead at the scene. Another woman was taken to the hospital for treatment. Authorities said a man was also placed under arrest.

Assistant police Chief Steve Dolunt called the incident "senseless" and "stupid."

Two people were taken into custody in the area of the shooting and crash; five others were taken into custody at a hospital after the showed up and "decided to act stupid," according to Dolunt. He said it appears everyone involved in the shootout knew each other, but the circumstances are unclear.

"A lot of family members or extended family members [of the person honored at the vigil] have been shot," said Dolunt. "And it appears this family also had weapons. So, we're trying to sort it out. It's still a fluid scene."

The investigation is ongoing. Police have recovered three weapons. At this time, none of those involved have been identified and it is unclear what charges the perpetrators may face.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.