Two clear cases of when animals want you to stop

(CBS News) The man in the video above has some exciting things to tell about Lego Town, and is shooting a promo for it. Which would normally go pretty smoothly, except for one unexpected problem. Oh, did I mention that he happens to own a cat? Well, he does...

"Shhhhh... that's enough about Lego Town. Now pay attention to me!" (At least that's how I interpret this conversation without actual words.) The short, but cute clip was posted by SamScottLapin, who shows he has a great sense of humor by sharing this candid and funny moment with us and the rest of the cat-loving Internet, and who writes about it:

While working on a promotional video for Lego Town, I got a little unexpected help.

Glad to see you go "glass hall-full" there, Sam! Up next, we switch from cat to dog and from candid to sketch, in this video below from YouTube user inosemarine. In sharp contrast, the man in this video is paying attention to his pet... perhaps a bit too much attention for the clever pooch. Watch what happens in our second clear case of when animals want you to stop. Hope you enjoy!