Two cases of animals doing really random things (with a costumed dog and gurgling cat)

(CBS News) We love our pets. And the primary pets, cats and dogs, can be cute, weird and very silly sometimes. This post is going to focus on two cases of that starting with a dog video above that is a mixture of totally random and adorable at the same time. Go ahead and watch.

See what I mean? The video of a "Tatsu"-costumed Toy Poodle leading the way much like a white rabbit from "Alice In Wonderland" was posted by YouTube user quesnon, and has this blogger going "awww!" and scratching his head at the same time. And next up in our strange animal antics journey, we have a video below of a cat named "The Peefus" who happens to gurgle when petted from YouTube user 4204nittanyapts. All in all, two cases of pets being very cute, weird and silly. And also a major reinforcement for why we probably love them so much.