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Two amazing videos of troops home from deployment surprising their loved ones

(CBS) - I love pulling off a great surprise, but have got nothing on the utter amazing-ness that are these two videos.

First up we have a young Marine stationed in Afghanistan that can't attend his sister's graduation. At least that's what she thinks, watch what happens.

The poster of the beautiful YouTube video "11firemark" writes about it:

Our son, recently home from Afghanistan, surprises his sister during the graduation ceremony at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. She was extremely disappointed when we told her he would not be back until the end of the month. Guess we lied a little. Ok, a lot. A special thanks to all at Cal Poly who made this possible.

And next up we have a military father who comes home early from deployment and surprises his children in a very unconventional way. Get your tissues ready for this one.

The poster of the tear-jerker YouTube video "TheBobjohnson1984" writes: 

Here is a video of me surprising our kids after my husband came back from his deployment. Things seemed to keep going wrong... It was supposed to be at a restaurant, but he came back a day later then planned. Then, he was supposed to be closed in the box, but he was too big! Then, not enough wrapping paper, even though there was 3 rolls... But it all worked out in the end thanks to some awesome friends!!!

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