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Twitter in Business: Real-Life Success Stories

Dave and I are just wrapping up a doozy of a Guy Vs. Guy debate on the subject of Twitter's value as a business tool. (Look for it tomorrow.) As usual, he gets it wrong, calling Twitter a "ghost town" and a pointless waste of time.

Of course, that's just plain not true (yes, I'm getting the "last word" in before we even publish the first word). Want evidence? Look no further than Web Worker Daily's Real-Life Twitter Business Success Stories. Here's an excerpt:

DJ Waldow of Bronto met a prospect through Twitter who knew of the company and valued the company's industry insight. When it came time for the prospect to find a new vendor, he went to Waldow and turned into a client. Bronto built a relationship with the prospect through Twitter, which helped the company stay in the prospect's mind.

Granted, there's nothing here from the likes of Coca-Cola or Microsoft; we've yet to see an example of a big business really capitalizing on Twitter. But I'm of the belief that'll happen soon, after which the marketing-via-Twitter floodgates will open wide. What do you think?
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