Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Slick Online Resume

A paper resume? How quaint. These days, the fastest and easiest way to put your CV in front of a potential employer is to post it online. And I've yet to find a faster or easier way to do that than with SnapPages.

SnapPages is a Web site creation service known for its simplistic drag-and-drop toolset. But if you're a LinkedIn user, you can use SnapPages to quickly create a free online resume, complete with its own URL. How quickly? In about the time it takes to read this paragraph.

Seriously, it's ridiculously simple. First, check to make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, as SnapPages will be pulling material directly from it.

Next, click the Get Started button to create a free SnapPages account, authorize access to your LinkedIn account, and finalize the details of your new site. The whole process takes about two minutes.

When it's done, bam, you'll have a custom URL along the lines of design-guy.snappages.com (or, in my case, rickbroida.snappages.com -- go ahead and take a look!). The page consists of four main sections: Home, Experience, Recommendations (a nice little perk to have on a resume), and Contact Me. The design is simple, understated, and elegant -- perfect for prospective employers.

If you want to edit any of the information or add to it, just sign into your SnapPages account, click on Web Pages in the Apps section, and then choose the page(s) you want to edit. The tools couldn't be much simpler.

I love this thing! It saves me from having to re-enter all my resume info, formats everything real purty, and doesn't cost a dime. If you want to transform your ugly, hard-to-navigate LinkedIn page into something attractive and useful, SnapPages makes it (sorry) a snap.

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