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Donald Trump tops latest Quinnipiac poll

Donald Trump isn't just dominating news cycles: he's also leading in a new poll by Quinnipiac University, topping the Republican field by a seven point margin.

The billionaire businessman has 20 percent of Republican voters saying they would vote for him as the GOP nominee, with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker trailing behind at 13 percent. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush comes in third, with just 10 percent of voters throwing their support behind him.

The last candidate to officially launch his campaign, Ohio Gov. John Kasich also makes a strong showing, polling at five percent. It's a three percentage point uptick from his standing in Quinnipiac's last poll -- and a rise that could elevate him to an appearance on the Republican debate stage.

Those who are still undecided make up 12 percent of voters, while none of the rest of the Republican pack vying for the White House break six percent.

Does Donald Trump have staying power in the 2016 GOP race?

Despite his popularity, Trump is also the candidate most Republicans say they would never support: About 30 percent of respondents surveyed would definitely not vote for him. Chris Christie comes in second, with 15 percent of voters who would never vote for the New Jersey governor. And 14 percent of Republicans say they wouldn't throw their hat in for Bush.

Establishment favorite Hillary Clinton leads Democrats in the Quinnipiac poll with over half of Democratic voters favoring the former secretary of state. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders draws in 17 percent of the Democratic vote, followed by Vice President Joe Biden, who is not a declared candidate, with 13 percent. Only one percent of respondents say they would vote for former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley.

And though Clinton has an overwhelming lead in the primary election, her performance in a general election match-up is less clear. Clinton would beat Trump 48-36 percent, but against Bush she would lose 41-42 percent. She fares better against Scott Walker -- edging him out at 44-43 percent -- but just barely.

When it comes to favorability ratings, Clinton is also struggling, with only 40 percent of all registered voters putting her in the favorable category. Fifty-one percent of voters hold an unfavorable view of her -- an all-time low. Trump has the highest unfavorability rating at 59 percent.

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