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Trump deletes Twitter post showing CNN logo being hit by train

President Trump deleted two retweets Tuesday morning, including one that showed the logo of CNN being hit by a train, following blowback on social media.

The first tweet, which appeared to be a doctored political cartoon, showed a man covered with the CNN logo being hit by a train. "Nothing can stop the #TrumpTrain!!" said a message accompanying the image.

The tweet, which came just days after a man drove a car through a group of people protesting a white supremacist rally, quickly raised eyebrows. Mr. Trump was heavily criticized for his response to that attack, which killed one person and left many others wounded.

Minutes later, Mr. Trump retweeted a person who said that he was considering a pardon of former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio because he is a "fascist."

The user, who was intending to mock Arpaio and Mr. Trump, later joked that he was leaving Twitter because he would "never top this re-tweet."

Mr. Trump then deleted both retweets. A White House official said the CNN tweet had been posted inadvertently, according to The New York Times. Mr. Trump has criticized CNN as "fake news" numerous times, including on Monday

Late Monday night, Mr. Trump also retweeted Jack Posobiec, a right-wing social media personality known for promoting conspiracy theories involving Democrats, including one known as #Pizzagate.

That retweet was still on Mr. Trump's Twitter page as of Tuesday morning.