Treats For Your Furry Friends

sweater vest for a puppy
Eighty-nine percent of all pet owners buy gifts for their pets, explains Animal Fair magazine editorial director Wendy Diamond.

But many folks may be stumped when it comes to buying your pet the perfect holiday gift. Do they want clothes? Treats? Toys?

Diamond showed The Early Show choice gifts for pets this year.

"The unconditional love the animals give you; they deserve something back," Diamond says.

All dogs get cold in the winter so a faux-fur leopard jacket is great for the grownup pooch.

But if faux fur is not your cup of tea, why not a cashmere sweater? It can always make your dog look even cuter. Both items cost in the neighborhood of $80 each.

For those rainy days, how about getting your furry friend a Burberry raincoat? And if you enjoy swimming with your pet, a life jacket can be an excellent gift.

Pet accessories can lend some insulation from those slushy winter sidewalks. Try little booties for the winter, available for $35.

A lavish gift, for $815, is the Hermes collar.

Or help your dog or kitty to a new custom-made bed, of washable fabric.

The Pedigree's Pull and Grip toy, at Petsmart. com, is a favorite as well as a ball, the Wiggly Squiggly, available at Petco stores.

The Bake-Your-Dog-A-Bone can be obtained from the Treats4Pets Web site.

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