Travel The Thrifty Way

You don't have to cancel your travel plans just because the economy is in a rut. Here's a guide to saving money when visiting some of the world's best cities:

Tennessee City Famous For Records & Rhinestones Is Perfect For Penny-Pinching Tourists

There is no beach, no theme park and no casinos. But there's plenty of free music plus educational and cultural attractions to fill up a few days without lightening the wallet.

Low-Cost Fun In The Mile High City

Denver and the Rocky Mountains are tailor-made for frugal vacations. Scenic campsites, decent fishing, hunting, rock climbing, rafting and hiking are all within an hour's drive.

No Harm In Being Poor When Visiting This "Sexy" City

If you show up in Berlin strapped for cash, you're in good company. The German capital's sizable student population, high unemployment rate and swelling starving artist contingent makes penny-pinching a citywide obsession.

The Best Of This Southern City Is Free History

The sprawling city offers many attractions and museums, but the best of Atlanta is tucked away in neighborhoods that can be enjoyed for little to no cost.

Buenos Aires
Eat, Drink And Tango The Night Away In Argentina's Capital City City

Argentina's capital Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city best experienced through its monumental passions rather than its monuments.

Miami/South Beach
City Offers Lots Of Options For Visitors Looking For Deals

It might be notorious for its late-night party scene, swanky beach hotels with steeply priced drinks and the beachgoers who wear barely-there $300 swimsuits, but vacationing Miami-style doesn't have to cost a fortune.

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Tips For Enjoying The Windy City Without Blowing Your Budget

Chicago has a reputation as a working-class city for a reason. Sure, there are fancy Gold Coast shops and $500-a-night hotel suites, but it's also possible to see its famous lakefront, eat its famous food and enjoy distinctive cultures without spending a fortune.


From Sunrise To Sunset, How To Enjoy A Glorious Day On Just $40

For centuries, Venice has captivated travelers with an array of romantic images: gondola rides through glistening canals at sunset, homes painted in vibrant hues of periwinkle and plum.

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Relax: Deals, Discounts Being Offered In Slumping Economy

With the economy slumping and fuel prices soaring, facials and massages may not be a top priority for consumers on a budget.


A Few Tips For Enjoying Spain's Most Popular Tourist Attraction

Spain's northeastern city of Barcelona, set between verdant mountains and the Mediterranean sea, basks in a well-earned reputation as one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations.


Bargain Britain? If You Know Where To Look!

London may have a deserved reputation for being royally expensive, but by taking advantage of the free museums and sights in the historic capital, tourists won't necessarily leave town feeling like paupers.

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New York City
You Don't Need Big Bucks To Take A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

Tips for traveling like a New Yorker on the subway; eating like a New Yorker on the street; and seeing the city like a New Yorker by checking out public spaces, landmarks and famous places, many of which can be enjoyed for free.


City of Lights Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

Paris may be the most visited city in the world, yet it's also one of the most expensive.


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