Translate Documents and Keep the Formatting Intact

Until everyone starts speaking Esperanto, there will be a more or less constant need for document translation services. Indeed, I find myself running documents through websites like Google Translate frequently, and I always have the same complaint: It loses all of the document's unique formatting.

DocTranslator is a website that translates documents in a wide variety of formats while preserving the original formatting. The site does this by saving a new version of the document you want to translate back to your PC, rather than forcing you to copy and paste text into a window in the browser.

Using the site is a three-step process. Start by choosing the type of file you want to translate. The site supports Word, RTF, XML, plain text, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF files. Then set the language you want to convert the files to -- there are about 60 choices, making this one of the most robust translation services around -- and then start the translation by selecting where on your PC you want the translated file to appear. In a few seconds, you'll have a new version of the file.

As advertised, the translated file retains the original formatting, such as text styles, tables in Word, and even the organization within a PowerPoint deck. It makes understanding documents in the proper context far simpler than if you're just pouring in plain text into Google. This site is a definite winner, at least until we all get Babel Fish stuck in our ears.

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