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Transgender Killer Tells Massachusetts Taxpayers to Put Mammogram on Her Tab

Robert Kosilek, left, Michelle Kosilek, right (CBS/AP) CBS/AP

BOSTON (CBS/AP) - The transgender inmate formerly known as Robert Kosilek has made yet another unconventional request from behind bars...for a mammogram.

Massachusetts corrections officials, already under fire for the transgender inmate's taxpayer-funded hormone treatments, now face criticism for providing Kosilek, who now calls herself Michelle,  with a mammogram, reports.

Among the outraged is Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson who told "This is a killer who wants to be a girl, a man who murdered his wife, who has access to better health care than citizens who are paying for his incarceration."

The Massachusetts' Department of Corrections has sided with the complicated convict on this medical matter and released a statement to, saying: "The DOC's responsibility is care and custody of inmates, including health care. Clinical indications for mammograms are not gender specific. If a mammogram is recommended by a physician for a male inmate, one would be provided where medically appropriate, as determined by the DOC's medical service provider."

Ultimately, Kosilek wants the taxpayers of Massachusetts to pay for sex reassignment surgery, but in the meantime she has requested and received hormone treatments, and has renewed a request for further electrolysis to get rid of his stubble. 

Apparently, Kosilek has forgotten that she is serving a life sentence for murder and is not on an all-inclusive vacation at Club Med.

Michelle Kosilek (AP Photo) AP Photo

Kosilek has been living as Michelle in an all-male prison in Norfolk, Mass. since being sentenced to life for murdering his wife Cheryl in 1990.

In 1993, Kosilek had a revelation and decided it was time to start living his life as a woman.  Ever since then, she has been fighting with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections to pay for a sex change on the grounds that to continue life as a man would be cruel and unusual punishment, says USA Today.

Kosilek has testified that if she does undergo the sex reassignment surgery she sees no reason to continue living. 

Prison officials are concerned that if Kosilek is granted the sex change, she will become irresistible to the other male inmates. 

But it's likely no amount of surgery could make this dude look like a lady.


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