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Top 25 Universities for Corporate Job Search

Think graduating from an Ivy League school will generate great corporate job offers? Now could be the time to rethink this Penn State Old Mainjob search strategy.

Job recruiters from major corporations such as Google, General Electric, Campbell Soup and others from nearly 30 industries are reporting that large state universities have become their favorite places to find new college grad hires.

Penn State, Texas A&M and the University of Illinois are among the hot spots for job recruiters, whose companies recently hired 43,000 new college graduates.

A Wall Street Journal survey, which was conducted along with PayScale and Cambria Consulting, a human resource firm, uncovered the job search favoritism of corporate job recruiters.

Here are corporate recruiters' favorite recruiting spots:

  1. Penn State
  2. Texas A&M University
  3. University of Illinois
  4. Purdue University
  5. Arizona State University
  6. University of Michigan
  7. Georgia Institute of Technology
  8. University of Maryland
  9. University of Florida
  10. Carnegie Mellon University
  11. Brigham Young University
  12. Ohio State University
  13. Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  14. Cornell University
  15. University of California, Berkeley
  16. University of Wisconsin
  17. UCLA
  18. Texas Tech
  19. North Carolina State, Raleigh
  20. University of Virginia
  21. Rutgers University, New Brunswick
  22. University of Notre Dame
  23. MIT
  24. University of Southern California
  25. Washington State University
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Why Job Recruiters Love Big Universities

Football isn't the reason why corporation love big state schools. Here are the top reasons:
  1. Corporate budget cutbacks have reduced the travel of job recruiters making it more practical to focus on larger schools.
  2. Graduates of top state universities are often better prepared academically.
  3. State schools are more likely to provide college students with practical work skills.
  4. Corporations have formed partnerships with some state schools giving them access to professors and students.
Lynn O'Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution and she also writes for TheCollegeSolutionBlog.
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