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Top 10 companies for "culture and values"

What does it take for a company to keep its employees happy and productive?

According to career services firm GlassDoor, an enjoyable and commendable work culture are among the top factors current job-seekers take into account when looking for a new place of employment.

In a new report based on employee feedback, Glassdoor ranks the top 25 U.S. companies when it comes to what it calls "culture and values."

According to Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor's community expert, businesses where workers say there is a strong corporate culture have a number of ingredients in common. These include an enjoyable workplace environment and business atmosphere, as well as a company that stands by its mission statement and core values. Engaging in philanthropic activities is also a plus.

Coming in at No. 1: Twitter. Dobroski said the social networking company has an open and transparent company culture, where employees feel like their work makes a difference.

"As a major communication channel for millions of people around the world, many Twitter employees report satisfaction in being able to work on a platform which impacts people around the world," he said, "whether it be getting the word out about a breaking news event, supporting a social justice hashtag or even engaging with others to share thoughts about your day."

Eleven of the companies in Glassdoor's top 25 are in the technology industry. After tech, retail is the second-most represented industry sector with three entries, while there is only one restaurant on the list.

The companies received employee ratings on a 1-to-5 scale. Twitter, with its top ranking, came in at 4.5. The list was compiled was compiled with what Glassdoor says is a "proprietary algorithm," while the overall rankings were determined by the quantity and quality of the reviews received.

Following are the Glassdoor's top 10 companies for culture and values (scores are noted parenthetically).

1. Twitter (4.5)
2. Edelman (4.4)
3. Google (4.4)
4. Riverbed Technology (4.3)
5. Facebook (4.3)
6. Southwest Airlines (4.3)
7. Chick-fil-A (4.3)
8. National Instruments (4.2)
9. Chevron (4.2)
10. HEB (4.2)

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