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Top 10 Annoying Customer Behaviors

A lot can go wrong in a sales situation, but it's not always the fault of the sales pro. Here are ten irritating customers behaviors, and some quick advice on how to avoid or bypass them:

  1. BEHAVIOR #1: Not paying when they say they will. Fix: Find out how the company pays (and who cuts the checks) before closing the sale.
  2. BEHAVIOR #2: Letting you pitch when they won't ever buy. Fix: Make sure that you ask qualifying questions early in the sales cycle.
  3. BEHAVIOR #3: Asking for last-minute discounts. Fix: Never give in to last minute discounts because they lower your personal credibility.
  4. BEHAVIOR #4: Holding back information you need. Fix: Develop more sources in the customer account and extend your relationships.
  5. BEHAVIOR #5: Using you for free consulting. Fix: Never do anything for a customer without getting some kind of quid pro quo concession.
  6. BEHAVIOR #6: Having unethical business practices. Fix: Don't do business with people who tolerate cheats; they always cheat, too!
  7. BEHAVIOR #7: Never giving you credit for helping. Fix: Become responsible for subtly publicizing the positive impact inside the customer firm.
  8. BEHAVIOR #8: Standing you up on scheduled appointments. Fix: Call ahead the day of the meeting and ask the admin if the meeting's still on.
  9. BEHAVIOR #9: Texting during your meeting. Fix: Grin and bear it. And, by the way, welcome to the 21st century!
  10. BEHAVIOR #10: Claim to have buying authority when they don't. Fix: Create a map of the customer's decision-making process then line up your ducks.
READERS: I'm sure I've only scratched the surface. What other annoying behaviors have I missed?


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