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Tom Tancredo Laments Obama's "Socialist Government"

Fresh of his speech at the Tea Party convention lambasting "the cult of multiculturalism" in the United States, former Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo told CBS Radio News correspondent Steve Kathan that the Obama administration is running a "socialist government" and that the president "is a committed socialist ideologue."

"He has put the government in control of the economy," Tancredo said, adding that the president is willing to risk reelection to carry out his agenda.

Tancredo said the Tea Party movement "has the potential to revitalize the Republican Party," something he said his party "desperately needs."

"There is the potential that the movement can take over the party from the bottom up, by getting candidates elected," he said.

Tancredo also elaborated on his Tea Party convention comments on "the cult of multiculturalism."

He said "there is a devotion to a multiculturalist agenda" that can "divide America up into these subgroups" that are "at odds linguistically, culturally."

"Assimilation is not occurring to the degree it should," continued Tancredo. "People now talk only of integration."

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