Tom Reynolds Makes His Retirement Official

Appearing before a crowd of supporters, Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-N.Y.) officially announced his retirement today, becoming the 29th House Republican to announce an exit — or have already left office — this cycle.

“While there is always more to do, elected officials are only temporary stewards of the people’s trust. That’s why today I am announcing that I will not seek and be a candidate for reelection," Reynolds said.

When asked when he had made his decision to step down, Reynolds said he had been considering but did not arrive at a final decision until earlier this week.

“I wouldn’t call it impulsive, but I finalized my decision between the start of this week and today," the New York Republican said.

The five-term lawmaker, though, said he was not stepping down because he was worried about losing in November.

"I believe I would win this election...I would never walk away from a fight," Reynolds said.