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Tom Peters' Gen Y Rant: Work on Your Writing!

Texting, tweeting and the like are transforming the way the youngest generation at the office writes, but while knowing what 'brb' and 'LMAO' mean is a necessary skill for communicating with your peers, business guru Tom Peters reminds us in this three-minute video that clear, confident and convincing formal writing is key to career advancement -- particularly when communicating with your boss's boss who's in her forties or fifties (and, yes, even if it's only a short email).

In a previous career incarnation I was a teacher of college freshman composition, and I can attest that there are plenty of people out there who need to hear this message, as well as the motivational good news Peters tacks on to the end -- writing is a skill and can be improved as long as you're willing to put in the time.

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