Toke Me Elmo? Dad Stashes Marijuana in Son's Elmo Backpack

Toke Me Elmo? Dad Stashes Pot in Son's Elmo Pack

UNIONTOWN, Pa. (CBS/AP) It's not quite as big a deal as the recent "Katy Perry Sesame Street Scandal."

Nevertheless, a western Pennsylvania father will spend six months to two years in jail for hiding his marijuana in his son's ELMO BACKPACK - which the kindergartner unknowingly took to school with the drugs still in it.

Thirty-three-year-old Ronald Washington, of Uniontown, Pa., pleaded guilty Thursday to endangering the welfare of children and marijuana possession.

Police say back in April, Washington called his son's school and told officials he really needed to get something from the Sesame Street-themed backpack.

School officials then searched the bag, and called police when they found more than three ounces of pot.

Come to think of it... Katy Perry may have been a little too hot for Sesame Street, but she wasn't quite smokin'!