"Today, We Are All Hokies"

Daniel Sieberg has been reporting on the remarkable role the internet played in yesterday's tragedy at Virginia Tech:
For many affected by the devastating tragedy in Blacksburg, VA, the Web has become a place to express grief, anger and support. The virtual world allows students and families to come together no matter where they are in the country or the world, sharing their emotions and thoughts for loved ones. Others are frantically trying to confirm their friends are OK. Sites like Facebook have memorials and tributes, providing a release for some and a chance to reach out to the Virginia Tech community and beyond. One student, Chris, wrote: "Today we are all Hokies," a reference to the Virginia Tech mascot.
On last night's Evening News, Daniel offered a compelling report about how students used the 'net to stay in touch as the horror was unfolding. You can watch by clicking the monitor on the left. And you can read more on how all this played out online at our sibling blog, Tech Talk.