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Time Warner Cable iPhone app brings live TV to smartphones

Time Warner Cable

(CBS) - Time Warner Cable launched a new iPhone app today that allows customers to watch live TV, change channels and manage DVR settings from the smartphone.

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You can't take it with you, though. In order to access the features, you must be a cable subscriber and be connected to your home Wi-Fi.

The iPad version of the app launched last March. Android phones and tablets got a version in Dec. 2011.

Here are the details of the iPhone app.

- Interactive program guide (IPG) - up to 7 days of listings. View detailed show descriptions including box art. Option to display "HD only" or "favorites only" by creating a favorite channel list.

- Search - for programming by title or episode name and filter results by genre

- Set-top box tuning - tap on a network logo or "watch on TV" button within the program description to tune compatible set-top boxes directly to the channel

- DVR management - schedule one-time and series recordings on compatible DVRs directly from the IPG. Tap on the "DVR" button to see a list of all upcoming recordings and make changes or cancel recordings

A full list of channels is available at the Time Warner Cable blog.