Time once again for The Feed's Friday Music Round-Up

(CBS News) It's Friday afternoon and that means only one thing here at The Feed: it's time for some music! This week we start things off upbeat and uplifting in the form of a brand-new music video from The Lumineers. Take a look and listen to them play "Ho Hey" live in London above.

Honestly, life just seems a little better when you hear The Lumineers play "Ho Hey" live, in this blogger's humble opinion. Moving onto the next item in our musical journey: your blogger here has been a huge fan of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for years. And it's been wonderful to see them get acclaim in such a big way recently. Just this week I've seen three covers of their hit song "Thrift Shop", including a violin version we highlighted on Monday. Check out a very different, but equally amazing cover of the song performed by one of our favorite a cappella groups: Pentatonix!

As my colleague, Casey Glynn, said, "It's a bit like watching Glee. But way more awesome!". I couldn't agree more. We turn our attention to the creative and visual now with this next music video below from Zedd (featuring Foxes) for their song "Clarity" directed by Jodeb. Let me say that for some it might start a bit slow, but keep going. It's well worth it, I promise. Things start to pop (err, explode) at about 1:10 into it.

And for our final item this week, we have a song that definitely fits all of us here at The Feed (and hopefully you, too). Geek out to this new music video from MC Frontalot for his song "Nerd Life" that pays tribute to the culture we love so much below.

With that, I hope everyone enjoyed this week's Friday Music Round-Up and has an amazing upcoming weekend. Thanks, as always, to my colleague (and sounding board), Casey Glynn, for all of her help. And keep coming back to The Feed for all of your viral (and music) video needs!