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Need a job? TikTok wants to help

Experts discuss post-pandemic hiring boom
Experts weigh in on the post-pandemic hiring boom 10:23

Social media app TikTok, best known for its hordes of Gen Z users and viral dance videos, is making a foray into the very serious business of finding a job. The service is now testing a pilot program, dubbed TikTok Resumes, that it hopes will become a forum for hiring. 

TikTok describes the program as a video-first feature for job seekers. "We are encouraging our users to turn their traditional paper resume into a digital video resume or elevator pitch," the Chinese-owned app said on its website.

Among the major employers using Resumes are Chipotle, Shopify and Target, while fashion brands Abercrombie & Fitch and Alo Yoga also have job postings on TikTok. Alo Yoga, for example, is seeking a social media manager who "works at the speed of culture, is 100% dialed-in to internet culture, not only hops onto existing trends – but starts them."

Brands accepting TikTok resumes will receive applications on through the end of the month, according to TikTok. 

Chipotle cited the tight labor market as one reason why it's giving the novel hiring approach a shot. "Due to the competitive labor market, Chipotle is continuing to experiment with new methods of meeting its potential applicants where they are. Through TikTok Resumes, Chipotle's prospective applicants can showcase their authenticity and true passions in unique ways outside of a traditional resume or sit-down interview," the Mexican restaurant chain said in a statement. 

Marissa Andrada, Chipotle's chief diversity, inclusion and people officer, said in the statement that TikTok is a good place to "engage in meaningful career conversations with Gen-Z."

What is a video resume? 

To apply for a job through TikTok, applicants must transfer the experience and skills that are typically highlighted on a paper resume to the screen. Users are instructed to record and post short videos that showcase their work experience with the hashtag #TikTokResumes. The post will create a video link that applicants can then submit to job openings on

Successful TikTok resumes tend to highlight an applicant's skills and also showcase candidates' personalities, according to the app. But don't include your last name or email address in a video resume — those details can be submitted later. 

TikTok accused of promoting anti-LGBTQ videos 09:01

Videos should be filmed vertically and music is OK if it's not too loud. Applicants are also encouraged to take advantage of TikTok tools and effects, such as using text or images on screen, particularly if applying for jobs that involve creating content. 

Career- and money-oriented content are already proliferating on the platform as TikTok becomes a destination for personal finance tips. Videos tagged #personalfinance have been viewed 4.4 billion times, while #personalfinancetips content has 35 million views. 

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