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Read T.I.'s open letter to Donald Trump

Rapper T.I. has published an open letter to President-elect Donald Trump just days before he takes office. 

T.I. explained to Trump what he would like to see from the president-elect and how he hopes for “collective progress” in the letter, posted on Rolling Stone.

He wrote about black Americans in particular and said, “Should it ever at times seem as though WE are against YOU, I assure you it’s a result of YOU defining yourself as the representative for those who are and who always have been against US.” 

He continued, explaining why black people in America feel frustrated, and said, “The deck has always been stacked against US in this country. With every generation there has been strategic steps taken to oppress, imprison and control US. All we’ve ever wanted was equality and empathy as the historically disenfranchised citizens that we are, in a nation that we’ve contributed to just as much as anyone else who calls America their home.”

At the same time, the rapper said he wanted to promote “healthy dialogue” and even apologized “in advance for the friction and hostility that inevitably comes with US feeling years of pain, neglect, resentment and not being heard.”

He said, “I’m now past bitter and on my way to better. Trying to become a better me so that I can better understand how to see a better you and be better for US. If we all just start there, then I believe we can truly make collective progress.” 

The letter is the second in a series of three letters by the rapper and “Roots” actor. He wrote an open letter to Obama earlier in January and the last letter will be addressed to the whole nation. 

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