Three Reasons You Should Move to Mexico City

Last Updated Jun 20, 2008 12:35 PM EDT

1) It's the original mega-city.

2) It's the model for the future of cities.

3) It's going to be big for business.

That's the theme of First Stop in the New World, given a thumbs up by 800CEORead. Of course, 800CEORead has yet to meet a book it couldn't plug. This time it goes so far as to compare author David Lida to that Goliath of a writing David, David Sedaris, in the post First Stop in the New World
Says the 800CEORead reviewer: "Think of it: Paris in the nineteenth century. New York in the twentieth. Mexico City in the twenty-first."

Cortes would be proud. Until he read this AP review, Scenes from Mexico City show its human heart. The reviewer calls it a love letter to a place, and obviously enjoyed reading the book. But as for its business case:

"First Stop in the New World" does not dig deep into the city's history, economy or politics, and the premise behind its title -- that Mexico City is the world's original megacity and, for better or worse, a model for urban growth -- is only briefly explored.
Perhaps, then, we have no reason to stop learning Chinese. Placemeister Richard Florida is clearly betting on Bangalore and Shanghai -- even Seoul gets more mention in his "Who's Your City?" than Mexico City (although Florida is mostly interested in the U.S. and Canada).

If you've read it, or have opinions on Mexico City as a place for business, chime in.

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