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​Thousands of penguins caught on camera in South Georgia

Tens of thousands of penguins in the Antarcti... 01:35

What do baby penguins do when their parents are off hunting? As we can see in this video, they stick together and stay put.

The footage comes from Sub-Antarctic South Georgia island, a British territory in the southern Atlantic ocean. The island is a breeding ground for several species of penguins, including adelie, gentoo, macaroni, chinstrap and king penguins. Depending on when you visit, tens of thousands, or even millions can be found on the rocky beaches.

As Simon Boyes, a bird expert with One Ocean Expeditions, explained, when the parents are off fishing for lantern fish to feed their chicks, thousands of fuzzy brown king nestlings keep each other company. At only nine months old, they still rely on their parents for food, but by the end of February they will have to make it on their own.

Upon their return, the adults can identify their chicks -- and each other -- by their voices. It may be hard to imagine with the general din and clatter, but among the hum, "they can recognize each individual voice," Boyes said.

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