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Thousands of Fake Pillow Pets Seized

Pillow Pets
Pillow Pets

NEW YORK (CBS) Is your child a fan of Pillow Pets - the stuffed animals that turn into full-sized pillows? Well, make sure your kid's is a real one.

According to Gothamist, U.S. Marshals have seized thousands of counterfeit pillows from a New York warehouse used by Concord Toys International.

According to Brooklyn Federal Judge Eric Vitaliano, the phony products could pose a potential health risk.

He said, "Since the pillow pet product is both a children's toy and a pillow, it is subject to numerous federal and state health and safety regulations."

Authentic Pillow Pets are manufactured by CJ Products. The company reportedly hired private detectives to find the fake toys and filed suit under seal in federal court to make sure Concord Toys International didn't know about the raid.

U.S. Marshals seized 17,000 items.

But how do you know if you have a real Pillow Pet? CJ Products' lawyer Jason Drangel noted parents can look for the 'Pillow Pets/My Pillow Pets' embroidered label on the underside back leg of the plush toy.