"Those Goo-ga-ly Eyes"

Some of us can remember an old song about the cartoon character Barney Google. "Barney Google, with those goo-goo-goo-ga-ly eyes..."

There's a new Google on our world now, and it's still got googley eyes, as our correspondent Daniel Sieberg reports on tonight's Evening News -- and on his blog, Tech Talk:

Think of it as a snapshot of Americana, frozen in time for all to see. It's Google's new "Street View." To see what I mean, just type your address in a Google search bar, click on "Maps" and then "Street View." Oh, one important note: you have to have to live in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Miami or New York to see it in action. Google does say more cities are on the way though, so yours may be next.

To get the 360-degree view, Google used a camera with 11 lenses mounted on top of a van and basically drove up and down the streets capturing everything along the way. The images were then "stitched" together to provide the uber-panoramic view.

Of course, along with all the mundane are the strange and, well, rather voyeuristic stuff. From a man seemingly climbing a wall to an angry woman on a cell phone to plenty of, um, scantily-clad people or those in some stage of awkward undress.

I'm not sure people will be singing whacky songs about this Google. But watch your back. You never know when you'll get shot. Or mapped. Or Googled.