Thomas's Wife: Calling Hill "Probably a Mistake"

In an interview published online by the Daily Caller, Virginia Thomas said her phone call to Anita Hill "was probably a mistake on my part."

Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, attracted attention in October when she left a voice-mail message for Hill asking her to apologize for a 19-year-old sexual harassment accusation that nearly kept her husband off the Supreme Court.

Thomas, who has worked for many years in Republican and conservative politics, said on Friday she is giving up her role as the head of a conservative advocacy group that has worked with the Tea Party movement, while taking a less prominent role.

Her group, Liberty Central, is joining with another organization, the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty of Manassas, Va.

For Tea Party Winners, Now Comes the Hard Part

Thomas will serve as a consultant to the new alliance between the groups. Former FBI agent Gary Aldrich, the Henry Center's founder, will be the chief executive of both groups.

The groups have been in talks for about a month.

She called "laughable" the idea that her resignation as Liberty Central's chief executive stems from the extensive media coverage of the message to Hill.