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COVER STORY: How historians view Trump – and how Trump sees himself | Watch Video
A panel of historians is releasing its third collection of essays analyzing and assessing the accomplishments and failures of a presidential administration. But for the first time, a former president, Donald Trump, spoke to the historians to offer his own take on his time in office. Correspondent Rita Braver talks with Princeton University's Julian Zelizer, who assembled the panel, and with the academics who unpack history's first judgment of the 45th president.

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Singer-songwriter Sonny Curtis with correspondent Mo Rocca.  CBS News

MUSIC: Sonny Curtis on a career spanning Buddy Holly and Mary Tyler Moore | Watch Video
His music dates back to the birth of rock 'n' roll, as an early bandmate of Buddy Holly, and as the writer of such classic songs as "I Fought the Law" and "Walk Right Back." But Sonny Curtis' most memorable composition may be "Love Is All Around," his theme song for "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." Correspondent Mo Rocca talks with the disarmingly humble Rock and Roll Hall of Famer about a career during which he truly made it after all.

WEB EXTRA: Sonny Curtis on writing the "Mary Tyler Moore" theme song (YouTube Video)

Sonny Curtis on writing "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" theme song by CBS Sunday Morning on YouTube

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Adam Waheed recording a TikTok basketball shootout - from space! CBS News

MEDIA: The TikTok route to comedy fame | Watch Video
The ability of comedians to expand their audience through videos on the popular phone app TikTok is no laughing matter. Some actors and writers are building successful careers despite never having performed standup at comedy clubs. Correspondent David Pogue looks at how TikTok is rewriting the rules of comedy, especially during the COVID lockdown, and talks with TikTokers about their unusual path to fame.

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Journalist Carl Bernstein with CBS News national security correspondent David Martin.  CBS News

BOOKS: Carl Bernstein on chasing history | Watch Video
He was half of the Washington Post team of reporters who broke the Watergate scandal. But Carl Bernstein's career began as a teenager at the Washington Star, what he has called the best education in journalism. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin talks with Bernstein about his new memoir, "Chasing History: A Kid in the Newsroom," and about how a cub reporter who chased history ended up making it.

BOOK EXCERPT: "Chasing History: A Kid in the Newsroom" by Carl Bernstein

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Finishing touches on the model of a statue of President John F. Kennedy, to be cast in bronze.  CBS News

ART: Memorializing John F. Kennedy in bronze | Watch Video
For its 50th anniversary the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, in Washington, D.C., commissioned a statue of President John F. Kennedy, one that would reflect the humanity of a leader beloved and mourned by so many. Correspondent Chip Reid talks with sculptor Ivan Schwartz about capturing the 35th president in his team of artists' memorial to JFK.

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PASSAGE: Director Peter Bogdanovich (Video)
Filmmaker, film scholar and actor Peter Bogdanovich, whose works included "The Last Picture Show" and "Paper Moon," died Thursday at the age of 82. Jane Pauley takes a look back. 

HARTMAN: A wild card foretelling hope for America's future (Video)
Correspondent Steve Hartman asked a clairvoyant, Winslow Eliot, for a look ahead in 2022 and how America might fare during this uneasy time. The tarot cards – and assorted acts of kindness Americans have shared with one another – offer a sign of hope.

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: The Sidney Poitier interview  | Watch Video
The trailblazing actor-director Sidney Poitier died this week at age 94. In tribute we present Lesley Stahl's remarkable profile, first broadcast on "Sunday Morning" on May 12, 2013, in which the Academy Award-winner talks about a career built on memorable characters who exhibited dignity, intelligence, and moral courage. 

GALLERY: Sidney Poitier 1927-2022

A "dagashiya" in Tokyo, selling penny candy.  CBS News

POSTCARD FROM JAPAN: Sweet spots (Video)
Correspondent Lucy Craft reports on a beloved but vanishing institution: the "dagashiya," or corner penny candy store, a part of growing up in Japan.

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MILEPOST: Goodbye to the Blackberry (Video)
This week marked the end of an era, when Blackberry – whose mobile devices once served up to 85 million subscribers worldwide – pulled the plug on its phones, shutting down service for good. Jane Pauley reports. 

NATURE: Wood ducks (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us among some wood ducks in Lewiston, Idaho, by the confluence of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers. Videographer: Hank Heusinkveld.        

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