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GUEST HOST: Steve Hartman

Reactions to deadly Charlottesville violence (Video)
At least three people are dead and dozens injured after hundreds of white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members clashed with counter-protesters in historic Charlottesville, Va. Correspondent David Begnaud reports on reactions to the tragedy.

  Unequal justice under the law | Watch Video
The Constitution guarantees that those who stand trial for a crime must have the "assistance of counsel," and so those who cannot afford an attorney will have one appointed to them by the court. But as Lee Cowan discovered, for many facing charges, being represented by a public defender often means no defense at all.

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Don Ho | Watch Video
On August 13, 1930, the singer and musician -- and Hawaii's informal goodwill ambassador -- was born. Steve Hartman reports.

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Where will Trump and Kim's nuclear brinkmanship lead? | Watch Video
National security correspondent David Martin explains the threat of nuclear attack by North Korea, and what the U.S. response could be, with Admiral James Winnefeld, former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Obama Administration.

Jeremy Renner's surprising sideline | Watch Video
The two-time Academy Award-nominee talks with John Blackstone about his struggle to make it as an actor, and about his sideline business: house-flipping.

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Martha Teichner interviews John Jerit, whose company, American Paper Optics, is producing 45 million pairs of glasses for viewing next week's solar eclipse.

CBS News

SPECTACLE: Preparing for the Great American Solar Eclipse | Watch Video
It's been referred to as "the Super Bowl of the sky" -- the total solar eclipse on August 21 that will allow people across the continental United States to witness a rare and spectacular celestial event. Martha Teichner meets with retired NASA astrophysicist Fred Espenak (known as "Mr. Eclipse") and with other "umbraphiles" whose love of eclipses outshines all else.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Martha Teichner talks with CBSN on eclipse preparation

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George Hartman's Facebook Space Quiz (Video)
Steve Hartman shares his nine-year-old son's test of space knowledge. How well do YOU do? 

 Song for an Alzheimer's patient (Video)
While Alzheimer's may be stealing the memory of 67-year-old Steve Goodwin, he refuses to let the disease steal his music. The cruelest part of the disease was the toll it was taking on the songs he composed for his wife and could no longer remember -- until a family friend and professional pianist took note with a rescue mission.  Steve Hartman reports. 

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Tracy Smith with actor-comedian Ray Romano.

CBS News

SUNDAY PROFILE: Everybody loves Ray Romano | Watch Video
Tracy Smith catches up with actor-comedian Ray Romano, now starring in the series "Get Shorty."

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Ray Romano on the worst communicators
The actor and comedian has made a career of making fun of spousal communications. In a recent standup act at NYC's Comedy Cellar, Romano put any criticism about his own communication skills in perspective.

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It's hard to get more retro than a house covered with straw, but in England thatched roofs have become a cool, desirable home amenity.

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POSTCARD FROM ENGLAND: Everything old is new again: Thatched roofs | Watch Video
It's hard to get more retro than a house covered with straw, but in England, thatched roofs - a tradition of days gone by - have become a cool, desirable home amenity. Mark Phillips meets a fourth-generation thatcher, for whom business has never been better.

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Faith Salie has her say on "mansplaining" | Watch Video
If you don't know what mansplaining is, or manterrupting or manspread, then you're probably a guy. Women, meanwhile, have been putting up with these patronizing attitudes and oafish behavior for years. Contributor Faith Salie explains what some men would probably be all too happy to explain FOR her.

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 Merritt Island (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday Morning among the birds of many colors at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Florida. 


 Week of August 14 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Steve Hartman reports.  

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