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This Morning from CBS News, December 29, 2016

Major break?

Russian President Vladimir Putin says a Syrian cease-fire agreement has been reached with Turkey. He says Russia and Turkey will guarantee the truce, which is set to begin at midnight local time.


Debbie Reynolds’ son had some poignant words after his mother died at the age of 84 Wednesday, just a day after the death of his sister, Carrie Fisher, who was 60. Todd Fisher told The Associated Press that Carrie Fisher’s death was “just too much” for his mother: “She said, ‘I want to be with Carrie. And then she was gone. ... We’re all heartbroken.”’

Ruffling feathers

The U.S. has only one president at a time, especially when it comes to setting foreign policy. To avoid confusion during transitions, incoming presidents usually avoid such topics – but not President-elect Trump: Twitter has given him a 24-hour megaphone.

Pressing questions

With a new year near and another administration poised to take the reins in Washington, the nation and its two major political parties are facing many major questions. We spotlight ten whose answers could go a long way toward shaping things to come.

Golden years?

Retirement is changing, with the days of employees getting a gold watch after a long career likely gone forever. Today, more and more  Americans are increasingly putting off their golden years out of financial need or, alternatively, to keep doing what they love. We run down some of the key trends affecting retirement in the U.S. today.

Downside revealed

It’s easy to dismiss the thousands of mergers and acquisitions that reface the American corporate landscape every year as “creative destruction.” That’s a mistake. New research shows such dealmaking tends to hit people square in the pocketbook, pushing prices up as much as 50 percent, with no corresponding increase in the quality of the goods being sold. Here’s why consumers should beware the urge to merge.

Tapestry mystery

Has a lost treasure of the English monarchy been found in a New York City rug gallery? The artwork cost King Henry VIII millions of dollars -- even back in the 16th century -- and vanished sometime after his death. Now some scholars believe they may be looking at the treasure that once hung in his palace.

“Wag Brigade”

Anxious travelers at San Francisco International Airport can get some help from an unlikely source -- what’s come to be known as the airport’s “Wag Brigade,” made up of dogs specially trained to calm peoples’ nerves. Oh -- and the bridgade’s newest member, LiLou, literally leaves some fliers squealing with delight. As John Blackstgone reports, LiLou -- is a pig!

Hilarious tweets

The internet has spoken – it’s time for 2016 to end. After a contentious election season, a series of horrific terror attacks, and the loss of so many beloved cultural icons, many Americans feel 2017 can’t come soon enough. But some are finding humor in the most unlikely places.

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