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This Morning from CBS News, August 2, 2016

Bug woes

Wynwood, Florida, is the epicenter for the Zika virus in the continental U.S. State and county health officials and a CDC emergency response team are there, but are having trouble combating the Zika-spreading mosquito -- the chemicals being used to kill it aren't working.

Nowhere fast

The economy may not be teetering on the edge of another recession, but that doesn't mean there's much to cheer about. Seven years into the recovery, growth is much weaker than many forecasters expected, with consumers a lone bright spot in a sea of mediocrity. Are the country's doldrums the new normal for an economy that seems adrift?

Mr. Nice Guy

Mike Pence has taken a markedly different approach on the campaign trail from the man at the top of the GOP ticket. From the way Pence treats protesters to the way he talks about his political opponents, the difference between him and Donald Trump has been on display in the week since the Republican National Convention.

Reining in

Hospital executives in the U.S. routinely draw bigger paychecks than the president. But voters in one state have an opportunity to change that as they mull a measure that claims exorbitant industry salaries are hurting the quality and accessibility of medical care.

Office space

Workers love to hate open-office seating arrangements, with wall-less work spaces blamed for everything from greater stress to excessive noise. Yet, research shows the right configuration can make employers more productive -- if companies understand how to blend their talent. We look at the seating arrangements that work best.

Hitting mark

Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad is making history with Team USA as the first American to compete in the Summer Olympics while wearing a hijab. After failing to make the 2012 Olympic team, she's back with a clear objective that goes beyond her desire to win gold.

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